Lino Martinez

True to his muralist beginnings, for which he spent countless hours toward beautifying a myriad of structures in his native Mexico, Martinez allows himself to become absorbed by his subjects within each rendering. Employing a meditative and reflective quality to art production. With his professional art practice, Martinez seeks to call attention to the often forgotten pensive presence of the artist during the moment of creation.

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Three Can't Miss Art Exhibits This Week

A traveling collection of original monoprints artists made in response to border, immigration and migration issues. There are some pretty heavy hitters as far as Chicano/a and Latino/a artists such as Alma Lopez, Fransesco Siqueiros, Linda Vallejo, and Lino Martinez... The project was created with el Colegio de la Frontera Norte and El Centro Cultural Tijuana while the work was made in workshops in Los Angeles and South Bend, Indiana.

Taller Boricua, 1680 Lexington Ave., NYC 10029" | View Article

“Spectrum” with Serge Armando, Kristina E. King, Lino Martinez and Erica Steiner

Serge Armando's works have exhibited in local galleries and Museums. His recent, 2005, first place showing at Laguna Art Museum’s twenty-third annual art auction is testimony to his continued impact and import on the local art scene. Lino Martinez currently works as a master printer in silkscreen and lithography. His own work is abstract contemporary and surrealistic in nature. Lino has been shown in various galleries throughout California and Mexico with over 15 shows in the past 3 years. |  View Article

Jai & Jai, a gallery based in Chinatown, is extremely proud to present selected pieces from the creations of Lino Martinez.  Before immigrating to Los Angeles, where he continued to create his art for over 30 years, Lino apprenticed with the famed Mexican muralist Mario Orozco Rivera for a decade.  To this very day, Lino continues to create and progress his artwork with passionate rigor and dedication. | View Article

MULTIMEDIA COALESCENCE, An Exhibition Of Art By Lino Martinez

Jai & Jai will showcase Lino's Native American Series.  Working with colors and shapes, Lino blends expectation with surprise, mystery with realism, and turns the mundane into beauty.  By personalizing the conventional, Lino's creations both encapsulate the art of working with various media as well as bringing inspiration to his viewers. Multimedia Coalescence, presented by Jai & Jai, offers the chance to see Lino Martinez's original art pieces. Work to be shown includes Crow Eagle Pigeon, Chief American Horse - QuallaSioux, Blackheart, A Woman of Hesquiat, and Standing on Earth. |  View Article